Jessica Pratt new LP

Jessica Pratt’s third album Quiet Signs has been a long time coming, and a few weeks ago, it finally came out on Mexican Summer. As always with Pratt, it’s an ambitious affair, merging her unique vocal style with sparse arrangements embellished with an organ here and a piano there. The feeling of “As the World Turns” is otherworldly to say the least. Compared to her first album from 2012, the sound on her new record is colder, even reminiscent of Nick Drakes productions at times. But her melodies are flowing more effortlessly than ever before. Like her previous record On Your Own Love Again, Pratt sticks to only 9 songs on the album, but it manages to do a lot to the listener in those 25 minutes. Outside of the US, the record is available from City Slang, Pratt’s new home label.

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