Mattiel new 12″

Mattiel, full name Mattiel Brown, is an Atlanta musician with a very unique oeuvre of songs. Her self-titled debut from 2017 was among the best releases of the year, with its lo-fi approach to a soul-searching mix between indiefolk and soulful rock. Not much unlike Bright Eyes or The White Stripes, her creative powers simply shone through the the thin fabric of quickly woven song material. Now she is back with a new EP, that came out on Burger a few months ago, but only recently appeared on digital platforms.

Customer Copy sees Mattiel expand upon her production to achieve a slightly fuller sound. All six tracks are more or less upbeat, almost sounding like half of the Elephant 6 collective. “Game Show” is a highlight for me with its steady guitar chug and 4-on-the-floor beat.

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