Top-albums-of-2018 alert! This record will no doubt land quite high up in my list of the best albums of the year. Swiss group L’eclair have released a handful of grooves on Brooklyn label Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. It’s the group’s first full-length effort after last year’s (pretty long) EP called Cruise Control. On the new record they channel everything from library music to 70s disco to Stereolab.

This incredible piece of recorded music was created in Holland, under the same auspicious eyes and ears as Jacco Gardner’s and Eerie Wanda’s best material. It’s definitely a high-water mark for BBIB, who’ve been a bit quiet this year, after a string of amazing 2017. I really liked the Garcia’s People record that came out recently – but this is in an entire league completely. I’ve you dug the Savoy Motel record, this will be right up your alley.

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