80s HITS: Vicious Pink


We’re trading the usual policy of 80s groups who turned in misses rather than hits for a duo that was actually in the British charts during their time. I’m talking about Vicious Pink – originally formed as Vicious Pink Phenomena in Leeds. Josephine Warden and Brian Moss had met in 1979, worked with Soft Cell, and put out their own first single in 1982. It came out on the small Mobile Suit Corporation label, which had been intended for releasing music from other cultures.

The single was indeed called ”My Private Tokyo” but produced in England by Dave Ball of Soft Cell (also hailing from Leeds). They were later signed by Parlophone and changed their name to Vicious Pink. A couple of years ago Minimal Wave released a compilation of their music called West View.

However extensive that LP was, it turns out there was more material. Next month the same label are putting out Unexpected – a compilation of 10 unreleased tracks from the same era. Possibly meant as demos, these tracks show a slightly more experimental side of the duo as you can hear on the opening track below.

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