Peach Kelli Pop new LP

Peach Kelli Pop were in Japan just before me, and I could see that they too had visited the Ipcress Mod Lounge in Tokyo – from the nice little greeting to Satoshi that was written on the board. I can see why the Japanese love Peach Kelli Pop and everything about them. After all, they have great (terrible) taste. Allie Hanlon and crew have just released their new album Gentle Leader (a welcome departure from the series of self-titled LPs with different coloured covers).

The LP, released on small label Mint (get the record collector joke?), shows the band at their most accomplished. This time the record is a collaboration with other musicians, some of them in the live lineup, others not (like Andrew of Mean Jeans fame). Check out the dazzling cover of Marine Girls’ “Honey” right here.

Also worth checking out, is their newly minted EP Which Witch, which is shock-full of 6 pop songs on speed.

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