Top singles & EPs of 2017

Here’s finally the end-of-year lists for 2017. Let’s start with the singles and EPs. It’s getting increasingly hard to keep track of 45s released by bands as many now opt for simply releasing a digital single – or four.


  1. Parsnip – Health EP (Anti Fade)
  2. Molly Nilsson – Single (Dark Skies/Night School)
  3. gSp – s/t EP (Thrilling Living)
  4. Owen & Ekman – New Orleans to Helsinki 7” (Goodbye Boozy)
  5. The Creation Factory – Let Me Go 7” (Market Square)
  6. Mick Trouble – s/t EP (Emotional Response)
  7. Sewer Side – Wire 7”
  8. UV-TV – Go Away EP (Emotional Response)
  9. Miss Destiny – Randy 7” (Shipping Steel)
  10. Green Seagull – Scarlet 7” (Mega Dodo)
  11. Cut Worms – A Curious Man EP (Jagjaguwar)
  12. Modern Cosmology – Summer Long EP (Elefant)
  13. Surfbort – Bort to Death EP (Hozac)
  14. Neo Neos – The Hammer of Civilization EP (It’s Trash)
  15. Amyl & the Sniffers – Big Attraction EP (self-released)

As usual, the Record Turnover rules includes a limit of one release per band, so while artists like Drahla and Green Seagull have had several singles released since January, I have only picked one. So how does the rest of the list look?

  1. Spinning Coin – Raining On Hope Street 7” (Geographic)
  2. Halo Maud – Du pouvoir EP (Halo la nuit)
  3. Bleeding Knees Club – Chew the Gum EP (Inertia)
  4. Drahla – Third Article EP (Blank Ad)
  5. The Lovebirds – Filled With Hate EP (Empty Cellar)
  6. The Stroppies – It’s a Hit EP (Hobbies Galore)
  7. The Shivas – Turn Me On EP (Annibale)
  8. Exploded View – Summer Came Early EP (Sacred Bones)
  9. Skegss – Holiday Food EP (Ratbag)
  10. Pill – Agressive Advertising EP (Dull Tools)
  11. The Shacks – s/t EP
  12. Laps – Who Me? EP
  13. Patience – White of an Eye 7” (Night School)
  14. Draggs – 3D Funeral (Goodbye Boozy)
  15. Terry Malts/Kids On a Crime Spree – Our Love EP (Emotional Response)

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