The Young Sinclairs x 2


One of my favourite groups are back, with two new singles. Well actually that’s a half truth, since the majority of the songs are solo recordings by Samuel Jones Lunsford done between 2010 and 2012. The year of release says 2012 as well, so I can only assume they’ve been delayed to the current release date of January 21. These twin 45s are a unique collaboration between two French record labels. One is Croque Macadam, from whom we’ve previously been able to enjoy singles by French Kissing, Triptides, Les Guillotines etc. The other, Requiem Pour Un Twister, ventures into the record label business for the first time after six years of excellent music coverage on their blog.

One track from each 45 was revealed in December, and my immediate reaction was that “Hurt My Pride”, one of the oldest compositions, is the strongest Young Sinclairs song to date. Taking a credible step from folk-rock into garage or even freakbeat territory, the vocal is delivered with real attitude. It’s a straightforward and no-nonsense track and with that we already have a contender for single of the year 2013. The first b-side “Someone Like the Hawk” veers straight back into gentle folk, bathed in 12-string picking that sounds like it was laid down after many listens to comps like Byrds Won’t Fly Today (Misty Lane). It sounds unfinished almost, wrapping up just after the solo, it leaves the beautiful melody with unfilfilled potential. The last track “Nothin’ to Say” is the biggest departure for the group however, with its crude frat-rock sound. It works very well, perhaps the closest they’ve come to something with enough of a beat to play to a dancefloor. The Kingsmen would be a good reference point, but it also reminds me of “Night of the Phantom” by Larry & the Blue Notes.

“New Day” is the second 45 and both sides here are very similar to their latest album Chimeys, from 2010. Since the chugging a-side lacks any kind of riff, it is the flip “Turned Around” that steals the show this time. The vocal is as impressive as The Rain Parade at their best (“What She’s Done to Your Mind”) and the simply stunning break would be befitting of The Byrds. So even though this one doesn’t come on purple vinyl it’s definitely worth getting both. Check out their affordable package deal.


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Hi Krister !
Thanks so much for the support and this very lovely and relevant review ! We are really proud to pick The Young Sinclairs for my first releases / first common release with my bro and really glad that you like it !

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