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I had a feeling RECORD TURNOVER had been around for about two years soon, but I only just now realised the first post was actually two years ago to the day! Happy birthday to me. And what better way to celebrate than with #50 of of the now familiar podcasts/mixes/events. This new podcast features current music and is centred around Australia (yes, still) and the US. Multicontinentallly originated The See See make an appearance with a track from their second album Fountayne Mountain. Stuff I’ve already written about, like The Flight Reaction, Bare Wires, Warm Soda, The Basements, Mujeres and the VU & Nico tribute turn up too. The Mallard and Allah-Las I’ve not mentioned yet but each have released strong debuts this year. Legendary Wings serve up a Primitives cover from their first album and the track by Surgeons (ex-Le Face) is from their upcoming 12″ on Batshit.


Plateaus – Wasted Day
Cold Warps – Stuck On an Island
Warm Soda – Reaction
Legendary Wings – Spacehead
Mujeres – Far Away
The Flight Reaction – Mourning Light
The Basements – What’s Goin’ On
Thee Outlets – My Monkey Man
Mesa Cosa – 666
The Bonniwells – How We Came to Stay
Allah-Las – Vis-A-Vis
Boomgates – Laymans Terms
The See See – Three More Days
Bare Wires – School Days
Woods – Size Meets the Sound
Outer Minds – Those Machines
Straight Arrows – All the Time
Gooch Palms – What Year Is It?
The UV Race – Nuclear Family
Surgeons – We Need Chains
Here Comes the Here Comes – I’ll Be Your Mirror
The Mallard – I Listen to the Lyrics Last

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