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This is definitely the (bitter) end of this series. 25 tracks, all from 1965-67, and digging into some of the recently unearthed material from American garages. Yes, this volume is mostly American except one track each from Canada, Greece and Holland. The Coachmen on this volume was one out of more than 10 groups with that name, hailing from Arkansas, and their track can be found on the three-volume Lost Souls series from Psych of the South (available on Spotify in full). The Roadrunners track is from the fourth New England Teen Scene compilation, which only features previously unreleased numbers. Phil & the Frantics released 4 singles, but “Where Am I Running to?” was first released as part of the Voxx retrospective of the group. Similarly the track by The Hustlers, whose lone single was issued by the Chelle label, is from a retrospective on Gear Fab. But who knows, if “Destination Nowhere” had been released in 1966 it might have got as big as “Eight Miles High”, which it emulates to stunning effect.

This last volume opens with two incredible tracks, the first from the curiously spelt Frut of the Loom (looks like Früt of the Loom in label scans) which alone could have spawned the entire Greek garage revival scene with its moody onslaught. This was a private press and by the looks of it on Popsike, still very cheap to get hold of. I realised at the last minute I had somehow missed including The JuJus on previous volumes, so I stuck “You Treat Me Bad” on here in panic. Most of you will know this often-comp’ed garage classic, but it’s still one of my favourite groups on one of my favourite labels, Fenton. Get the 2009 JuJus retrospective on Cicadelic if you haven’t yet! And that’s The Chessmen (yes, the ones who cut the immortal “I Need You There”) on the cover, who were featured on #2 with “No More”.


01 Frut of the Loom – One Hand In Darkness Loom 67101, 1967
02 The JuJus – You Treat Me Bad Fenton 1004, 1966
03 The Fashions – All Alone CNR 9895, 1967
04 The Nomads – Time Remains J&S 1001, 1967
05 The Coachmen – Lovelight unreleased
06 The Chateaus – I’m the One Boss 9912, 1965
07 Phil & The Frantics – Where Am I Running to? Voxx VXM 200.011 1985
08 Little Phil & The Nightshadows – In the Air Gay 3031, 1966
09 The Hustlers – Destination Nowhere Gear Fab 204, 2003
10 Art Guy – Teenage Millionaire Valiant 762, 1967
11 The Bittersweett – She Lied Prestige 162, 1967
12 The Shaynes – From My Window Pee Vee 142, 1966
13 The New Order – Why Can’t I? Warner 5863, 1966
14 The Kinetics – I’m Blue Studio City 1033, 1965
15 The Pubs – The Lost Soul Velvet Tone 108, 1966
16 The Sherlocks – Turn Her Down Dot 16890, 1966
17 The Roadrunners – You’re Thinking of Me unreleased
18 Bill & the Psychedelic Band – I’m In Love Lucky 9004, 1967
19 The Yorkshire Puddin’ – Ain’t Gonna Love Ya No More Dellwood 3932, 1967
20 Lonnie & the Legends – I Cried Impression 109, 1966
21 The Innkeepers – Never Should Have Done It Galiko 895, 1966
22 Poverty Five – Cry Cry Cry Thumbs Down 1002, 1966
23 The Starfires – Won’t Die Away G I 4004, 1966
24 The Prophets – You Wonder Why Ikon 504, 1966?
25 The Eyes of Dawn – Time to Be Going Sir John A. 1018, 1967

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