I admit I haven’t kept up with the Australians bands since my obsession last year, mainly with The Frowning Clouds. But the new track from Reading Rainbow (“Dead End”, one of their best yet) got me started again, since it’s one side of a recent Hozac Hookup Club split with Australian duo Super Wild Horses. I still haven’t been able to find out what the SWH side is called, but it compelled me to check up how some of the other great current Aussie groups were doing.

Not only do The Frowning Clouds have their second album out soon, but the first 7″ off it is already here. It’s called “All Night Long” and is a fab raver, coupled with the more sombre “Dame a Dozen”. Can’t decide which one I like best! Zac has recently recorded an album with a new trio called The Bonniwells. He sings and plays the drums on Unprofitable Servant, which is a decidedly more trashy album than Listen Closelier. It doesn’t seem to have garnered much attention but is well worth checking out both for the originals and the covers of e.g. “We’re Pretty Quick” (changed to “We’re Pretty Sick”).

Also out with a new single are Melbourne lo-fi belters Woollen Kits. “Maths” is available from RIP Society and you can watch a video for the great a-side here. They also have a cassette ep coming out soon on Fan Death. Above is a photo from their instore gig at Repressed Records in Newtown, with Super Wild Horses (from Christophlr on Flickr).

The best new Australian band I’ve heard apart from The UV Race is by far Straight Arrows. Their first album It’s Happening came out already last year, but the band just went on their first US tour. The album is full of well-written songs that are obviously garage with all the right influences, but without being tied down by a compulsive authenticity drive. The 24-minute-long record is out on Rice Is Nice and I’m really looking forward to hearing what they cook up next.

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