Reissue revival

Groovie Records have just made legendary Swedish garage revival group Crimson Shadows’ output available on vinyl again. The cd Out of Our Minds from 2000 is still available as well, and it contains a handful more tracks. One of them, “Nightmares”, is issued on a new 7″ b/w a new version of the previously unreleased “It’s Too Late”. Yes, ‘new’, since the band got back together in 2008. The only original members are Måns P. Månsson and Jens Lindberg, who together with Peter Maniette were behind virtually every great garage group in Sweden since 1985 (The Wylde Mammoths, The Stomachmouths, The Maharajas and most recently The Flight Reaction). One Step Beyond Sanity is available from mailorders now, and check out some more Crimson Shadows sleeve designs here.

Mike Stax’s Ugly Things have done us all a favour and finally given “The Trains” by The Nashville Ramblers a proper single release. Its legend has only grown since the inclusion on Battle of the Garages Vol. 3 and later Children of Nuggets. It would have been one of the best pop singles off all time and now it’s given a chance at last, backed with a cover of The Golliwogs “Fragile Child”. Pick it up here and watch the reformed group live if you can.

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