The B-Sides | On the Out-Side

Can’t believe it took me until now to find out about this 2009 album by Athens-based (yes Athens, Greece) group The B-Sides. Moody garage in the style of fellow Greeks The Frantic V and perhaps Swedish The Maharajas’ first 10″, with plenty of Farfisa and female vocals. Excellent choice of covers as well, e.g. “Get Away Girl” by The Fantastic Dee-Jays, “Don’t You Dare” by The Impacts and “Wait Till the Summer” by The Illusions! The latter is the flip to the more well-known “City of People”, covered by The Creeps amongst others. The record came out on Fuzz Overdose and you should listen to “Wait Till the Summer” below.

The B-Sides – Wait Till the Summer

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