Sean Thomas by Sean Thomas

A recent meme on Facebook asked you to quickly jot down your favourite 20 guitarists. One, perhaps surprising, name on my list was Sean Thomas who replaced Dom Bennett in The Mystreated after the first album 10 Boss Cuts. He’d already been in the mod revival group The Reaction in the 1980s, a band that unfortunately only released one single: the great “Make Up Your Mind” that you can hear below. Thomas is an avid 12-string enthusiast, and in several pictures of The Mystreated you can see him playing a Vox Mark XII guitar. Funnily enough, the band’s final album Lovely Sunday Dreaming, after Bennett had again replaced Thomas, is their most folk-rocking and almost free of fuzz guitar. You can read the fascinating tale of how Thomas was ousted from the group, in his own bitter words here. When you read how terribly disillusioned he is with the current state of the garage music scene, you can’t help but feel sorry for him. He obviously hasn’t been keeping up with this blog.

The Reaction – Make Up Your Mind

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