Think that indie record covers have become almost too similar of late? That may be because a lot of our new favourite records have sleeves designed by Seattle-based artist duo CMRTYZ. I won’t pretend I like all their work, but they’ve certainly created some striking covers for bands like Dead Ghosts, Myelin Sheaths, Coconut Coolouts, Cola Freaks, Christmas, Fungi Girls, Dávila 666 etc – some of which they have co-released with the Psychic Lunch label.

23-year-old C.M. Ruiz is one of the guys, and the one who seems to be getting the most attention. He exhibited with Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls) and Matthew Volz in the New York show Psychedelic Summer a few months ago, and was recently picked by Obey Clothing (initiated by the now legendary Shepard Fairey) for their artist series t-shirts. Where will they go next?

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