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I had such an amazing time at Double Sight, and instead of just posting a playlist I decided to make a short mixdown of my set. Enjoy!



Gary Walker – Get It Right
The Moovers – One Little Dance
Bob Morrison – I Looked In the Mirror
Adrian Lloyd – Got a Little Woman
The Maltees Four – All of the Time
The Avengers – Crying All Alone
The Buzz – You’re Holding Me Down
The Rogues – And You Let Her Pass By
Young Blood – Green Light
The Shades – Ballot Bachs
Früt of the Loom – One Hand In the Darkness
The Plagues – I’ve Been Through It Before
Q65 – I Despise You
The In – Just Give Me Time
The Neumans – Fuzz Filled Dreams
Chapter II – East of My Place
The Razor’s Edge – Baby’s On His Way
The U.S. Males – Open Up Your Heart

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