Stove Embers | November mix

For Don’t Die On My Doorstep, we’ve always presented a new mini-mix every month showcasing the kind of sounds you’d hear at the club night. Originally, this was hosted by the ancient Myspace music player, eventually migrated to Mixpod, but now all those kinds of things will be collected and posted in one place: here. This is a trial, I might turn it into a more regular podcast later on.

So what can you hear in this one? First of all we have a cut from the excellent Dead Ghosts (Vancouver) debut LP that only just (or should we say finally?) came out on Florida’s Dying. Next, a 1966 obscurity from The Voxmen (check them out at Garage Hangover!), followed by Woven Bones’ Ramones cover. This was included on the Yeti #8 cd from last year – #9 of the magazine is already out and #10 pending soon. Then, Hannah & Raven of Grass Widow who are on the San Francisco comp In a Cloud that came out early this year. The Ashes was the name early Peanut Butter Conspiracy used when they more into folk rock than acid trips, “Roses Gone” can be found on the recent Spreading From the Ashes retrospective. The Moonrakers was a great garage group who did an even better version of The Guilloteens’ “I Don’t Believe”. Unfortunately they then became a Christian pop group and recorded the inferior album Together With Him. Here’s a goodie from their 90s reto website:

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