80s HITS: Crash Course In Science


Crash Course In Science was a Philly three-piece who, like many others at the end of the 70s, met at art school. Together they created a unique post-punk sound using  toy instruments and kitchen appliances.

Their first single came out in 1979, followed by the legendary EP Signals From Pier Thirteen in 1981. That came out on the Atlanta DIY label Press and was accompanied by a video for ”Cardboard Lamb”. Pier 13 was the where the group’s riverside rehearsal space was located.

It’s incredible that their music hasn’t been widely available since then. Well, Vinyl-On-Demand put out a very limited retrospective in 2009, which is now crazy expensive.

Dark Entries put out a 12” with the unreleased ”Jump Over Barrels” in 2016, and now they’ve finally picked up their work with the group. Last month they reissued Signals From Pier Thirteen, and last week Near Marineland followed.

That was a full album recorded by the group in 1981 as well, but that never got released at the time. This is where ”Jump Over Barrels” and many other classic tunes are from. All in all – 12 amazing tracks that capture the experimental nature of underground music during that era.

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