DJ Valentimes new EP

DJ Valentimes has been touring quite a lot around Europe this year, while also being active as Kanal Nula. While they are perhaps leaving the shadows behind and stepping out the woodwork a bit with the Puppy takeover at Säule and other events, the producer stays true to their roots on this new EP. It’s the second cd in the ZL series, untitled but with 4 tracks that speak for themselves.

The affiliated radio station Dust of NYC (together with Sam Clarke) have also had some big events like a recent takeover in Los Angeles with Spektator and tomorrow they are coming to London’s SET Vault venue. There’s a daytime radio schedule, presented together with Affix (now Affxwrks) and the London label Seln.

That’s followed by the first Seln label party in a couple of years – which is also live streamed via Dust. There are still tickets left via ra.

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