Apple Turnover 052

It’s April and this month we have some incredible selections on our Apple Turnover playlist. 20 tracks from releases that just missed the limelight here (to be fair, due to lack of time and nothing else). Including a collaboration between Varg2™, Eartheater and seminal group Earth. But also new stuff from Yeule, Desire, Viikatory, Wachita China, MZA, Erin Hopes, Collector, cumgirl8 and Laena Myers (who’s supporting Widowspeak on their current tour).

I just saw Strange Days (1995) for the first and it’s such a classic 90s movie – afterwards I couldn’t help but adding a track from its excellent soundtrack. Mirrored Hell is also from about a year ago, but this band is way to good to not reach your ears.

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