Hunting Scene

Let’s stay in Chicago for an update from the Grouse Editions label. Last month they put out a couple of lathe 45s. One from Vata Pagan (a new duo consisting of Dalibor Cruz and Letholdus), which fits well into the label’s neofolk/ambient aesthetic. And the other one from Hunting Scene. That’s a trio led by Jack Brockman (who used to play in Civic Center with Blake of Chicago Research) and made solo music as Understudy.

At this point we have to assume Brockman is the person responsible for the Grouse label, just looking at the half dozen releases involving him or his alias Thomas J. Beckman. In Hunting Scene he’s joined by Hollis Mann
and Marcel LeBlanc and “Yield My Thirst” is a follow-up to their album, which launched the label two years ago.

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