Dalmata Space Anthem comp

Dalmata Space Anthem For Intergalactic FM, that’s a mouthful but it’s also the new massive compilation from Dalmata Daniel. The Budapest label have made a name for themselves with a long string of very high quality releases and here many of those artists come together. Betonkust (pictured), Olivia, Pasiphae, Filmmaker, Roberto Auser, Rapha, Norwell, Lau, E-Bony and CT Kidobó will be familiar names to followers of the label.

But the 41 tracks also offer treats from Ian Martin, Anatolian Weapons, Adrian Marth, Chino, Das Ding, Chupacabras, Teslasonic, Mule Driver and The Spy. All proceeds go to Intergalactic FM in the Netherlands.

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