We recently featured Moscow-based artist Driada in our monthly playlist. She recently released a new single called “Detail” (check out the video above). We had a chat to talk about the new track, the video and what’s coming up next for Driada

RT: How long have you been making music? How would you describe it?

I have been producing music as Driada for 4 years now. I produce it myself — I am a solo artist. Before ‘Driada’ I was developing a vocal project called Alexandra Pride where I created featuring songs. In that project I was more like a singer-songwriter. I am really glad that as Driada I can make all the production myself — that’s a completely new level of freedom and self-expression. Driada is a multi-genre project, I make EBM, some electro-folk, synth-pop and whatever I want! I wouldn’t say that I’ve been searching for my style — I just do what my soul desires. I experiment.

RT: What is the new track ”Detali” about?

This track is translated as ‘details’ and I sing the following: “When we were dancing in the field, my heart was broken and split into details. I can’t assemble it. I will take yours instead.” There was an underground club called ‘Field’ (Pole), it has recently closed, so the lyrics have double meaning. I manage to stay in the folklore theme while singing about some actual and understandable local things. In general, this song is a tribute to closed underground clubs in Moscow like Pole, Pluton and Squat. I am sure that a lot of hearts were broken into pieces and didn’t manage to recover.

BTS from “Detali” video

RT: The video looks great, what was the best part of making it?

Thank you! Its director is Alina Mustafina and for sure the best part of the production was cooperating with her and her wonderful team. I am really happy to work with Alina and create some cool stuff. Actually we did not have that much time for filming because we filmed three music videos on one day! So I had to improvise and sometimes I had one or two tries for one scene. In the long run, we managed to film a really special visual, the team did an impossible thing. They are my superheroes. 

RT: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2024?

I am getting ready to release my new album in spring! I have been working on it for a long time and that’s another step forward for me! Also, after that I will release a cool single in English and a music video. And probably a couple of mind-blowing collabs. So this is gonna be a busy year!

RT: What’s it like to make music in Moscow these days? Do you have any local support or do you have an international network?

Right now we are more concentrated on local support. In spite of or because of this fact I can even notice that in general, the Moscow scene is experiencing a rise. Every period has its own difficulties and it is important to keep doing your thing. There are a lot of festivals and other events, a lot of opportunities to perform live.

“Detali” was released digitally through a local Moscow label called Label last week.

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