It’s February, in another words it’s 4 years since we started this playlist called Apple Turnover, with the hope of squeezing in a few more new tracks from artists that we didn’t have time to feature properly that month. We’ve now added a total of 1000 tracks to the list over the years (look back on it here).

This month we’ve got new music from Lila Tirando a Violeta (who’s playing Rewire this spring), Gift Exchange from Eora, Driada from Moscow, Saigg, Might Be Twins (who are playing Copenhagen tonight), Baby Volcano, Nights Templar and La Femme. The latter just reissued their debut EP (or is it a rerecording?) and “Strike” sounds like it might date from the same time.

Also some new stuff from locals, friends and other Swedish artists: 55 Cancri e, Abu Nein and Synd.

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