Ataque de Caspa was a Spanish post-punk group that formed in the mid-80s and who had a great deal in common with similar groups from around Europe. Chin Chin and Dolly Mixture were both active at the same time, but Ataque de Caspa only managed to create a demo tape (that isn’t even on discogs).

At some point it began circulating online. The Supongamos por ejemplo demo from 1985 was finally released officially by the band in 2011. It even ended up on an LP (called Ataque De Caspa 1984-2011) where some of the musicians who’d become enamoured by those recordings contributed cover versions.

That was over 10 years ago now, so it’s great that the small label Flexidiscos from Valencia have finally released those 6 tracks as a 12″. They’re definitely deserving of having been given such a release 40 years ago.

I’m note sure if the photo above is representative but the original four-piece was from Madrid and reformed for gigs and a new album in 2014. Since then they have released another album and maybe they will keep going.

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