Desinteresse is one of the local Dutch bands playing Grauzone which starts in just over one week. The festival has been great at featuring local bands within post-punk, coldwave and darkwave. This year Desinteresse is one of the most interesting picks and they’re also playing a free concert (together with SDH and The Underground Youth) on the Thursday before the festival.

They released their latest EP a couple of months ago, called Ik Wil Dood Als Ik Het Vergeet. This self-released tape follows the starkly minimal Voor Altijd album from almost a year ago. Led by Sem van den Munckhof, the group consists of him and a bass player – so it’ll be interesting to see if they add other musicians for the live show. Fun fact that one of the live tracks on the tape is recorded at Hinterraum in Berlin – an amazing space that I was lucky enough to visit last year.

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