Gutkein x3

The Russian producer and DJ called Gutkein has been one of most consistently great artists I’ve come across in recent years. We featured them two years ago and wealth of compilation appearances have occurred since then. Recently however, two companion EPs were released on Sunthoid. Greh Technologia and Mixturetechnologia came out a couple of weeks ago. With 4-5 tracks each and a 16-minute collaboration with Main Sniffer Engineer, I’d say these are truly essential.

As if that wasn’t enough, Gutkein has been incredibly productive on bandcamp this year as well – releasing a string of EPs referred to as keinpacks. On top of those 5 records the brand new album Supermodels Enter Rehab came out last month. Closing track “Мы Из Иглу” featuring likeminded soul Huffy Fibryyx is great.

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