Apple Turnover 027

So we’re a bit late on updating our monthly playlist Apple Turnover but that’s quite understandable considering everything that’s going on in the world right now. It still doesn’t feel quite right talking about anything as trivial as music, but here’s hoping some new sounds might as least put your mind to work on other things for a minute.

On the March update of our playlist you will get 20 newish tracks (as usual), from releases we would have loved to cover but haven’t quite found the time. There’s new music from The Simps together with Eyedress, a single from Taiwanese Mong Tong, as well as Circuit Des Yeux from the US. Peach Kelli Pop turn it what is perhaps the best ever Ace of Base cover and Hearteyes has a new album out well in time for summer. Also new stuff from longstanding favourites like Still Corners, Illuminati Hotties, Jane Inc., Sweeep and Deb Never.

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