Your favourite covers collection G​.​T​.​R​.​R​.​C. is back for a third volume, available from Legless Records in Australia. What started as a collaboration between Gee Tee and RRC (and the various groups they share members with) eventually grew to a literal who’s who of punk bands from both the rest of the continent as well as other countries. Their friends Satanic Togas, Billiam, Straight Arrows and Liquid Face appear of course. But you also get some other highlights like M.A.Z.E. doing The Rats, Snooper , Powerplant doing Misfits, Trampoline Team doing The Dogs, Connie Voltaire doing Liquids, Erik Nervous in a Weird Al moment, Prison Affair doing ABBA and Belly Jelly tackling Canned Heat.

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