Cybermission is a Berlin-based DJ and producer who is originally from Argentina. After releasing an EP on Gentrified Underground a couple of years ago, they’ve appeared on compilations from Emotional Waves and Magdalena’s Apathy with their dreamy techno. Dimensional Force is their first album, coming out via Berlin label Emotional Waves as well. These 11 tracks were created 2018-2020 and feel inspired by dreamcore and irregularities of life caused by the pandemic. It’s available on cd and ships out in a few weeks.

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[…] The first compilation from Angels Gun Club of the year, claymatics™, is here. The new 10-track digital releases from the Italian label appears along with a collection of NFTs called Claymatics – essentially stop-motion animated clay figures. On the music side, it’s another winner from the Napels crew, with tracks from Claire’s Accessories, Emma Dowdy, Ascion, DJ XNX and Cybermission. […]

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