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Erik Nervous’ latest solo LP on Drunken Sailor already has a storied past. Bugs was first released about a year ago as an EP, when we first wrote about it. At that time one of the songs wasn’t even finished yet – it was later finished and given the title “Geiger Counter” to be included on the album version of Bugs. Expanded to 13 tracks, this album was released on tape by Erik himself. Last week the vinyl version finally came out on Drunken Sailor. Apart from the weird nursery rhyme intros and outros, it includes 9 originals and two well-chosen covers. As Joan Durand was nice enough to point out in our previous post, “Instant This Instant That” is written by her old band Taste Test, and “Piss Eyed Sleazoid” is from the classic 1980 LP by Da Slyme.


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Instant This, Instant That was written by myself and David DeSario, and performed by the band we were in, Taste Test. It has just been re-released by Sundazed Music of Nashville.

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