One of the first artists I really got into this year was the Belgian DIY musician Henk Wallays. He released a bunch of cassettes in the 80s, on top of running the 3rio label together with friends Dirk Ivens (Absolute Body Control) and Sandy Nys (Magisch Theater). By today, Unovidual is a classic of minimal wave but in the early 80s he was more of a fan, writing letters to many underground artist around the world and hosting a radio show called Stalhwerksynfonie.

He made his first self-released cassette Blue Ninja in 1983. A collaboration with US artist Tara Cross resulted in a couple of tracks from 1985 that were reissued by Minimal Wave on a split with Five Times of Dust in 2017. The following year the short-lived label Kontakt released a retrospective tape compilation of Unovidual material from 1983-85, called Synthetic Sounds. You can find this record on streaming platforms now and more and more people are getting into this style of music lately.

You can read more about Unovidual on Minimal Wave’s website.

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