Here’s a new old record from Traffik Island. It’s the first time on vinyl for the tape Zak Olsen released on Moontown back in 2016, under the name Traffic Island Sound. Maximal Electronics preceded the first Traffik Island album on Flightless, but it’s not the first solo release from Zak. He was actually on a split-cassette on Moontown back in 2012 (together with Bananagun’s Nik performing as Sleepyhead). Traffic Island Sound feels like a reference to the great Traffic Sound, but is actually a collection of warbly tunes mostly influenced by library music. The album could also be seen as a bridge between his recent sample-heavy album and the more electronic music he has been performing together with Daff this year. The album features Zak’s Realistic synth and has now been mastered for vinyl by Mikey Young.

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July 18, 2020

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