Best of spring 2020

We’ve just rounded the second quarter of 2020 and there have been an incredible amount of great releases, so we think it might be helpful to look back on the last three months. The spring months of April and May and the early summer of June have been very much focussed on music for me. Apart from the Apple Turnover playlist, we’ve aslo created a bunch of other playlists and our first mix – which was a joy to compile. We’ve bought a lot of new records and tried to support artists, labels and shops best we could. In Sweden there are small live gigs at a couple of venues again, and we’ve done a handful of DJ sets to seated audiences. But let’s get on to the list of who’s who of Q2.


  1. All Hits – Men and Their Work (Iron Lung)
  2. Concrete Lawn – Aggregate (Urge)
  3. Jon McKiel – Bobby Joe Hope (You’ve Changed)
  4. Sote – Moscels (Opal Tapes)
  5. Bananagun – The True Story of… (Anti Fade/Full Time Hobby)
  6. Public Practice – Gentle Grip (Wharf Cat)
  7. Lithics – Tower of Age (Trouble In Mind)
  8. Es – Less of Everything (Upset the Rhythm)
  9. Nightclub – Private Party
  10. Sepehr – Shaytoon (Dark Entries)
  11. Primo! – Sogni (Anti Fade/Upset the Rhythm)
  12. cumgirl8 – s/t (Muddguts)
  13. Red Axes – s/t (Dark Entries)
  14. L.T.F. – Foundation Course (Chicago Research)
  15. Brigid Dawson & the Mothers Network – Ballet of Apes (Castle Face)

Singles and EPs

  1. Defect Play – s/t (Iron Lung)
  2. Ces Cadáveres – Cuerpos Monstruosos EP (Detriti)
  3. Caroil – Vega EP (June)
  4. Filmmaker – Royal Dungeon EP (Opal Tapes)
  5. Goldie Dawn – s/t EP (Drunken Sailor)
  6. Locked Club – Atom Hell EP (Tram Planet)
  7. L’eclair – нощта EP (Bongo Joe)
  8. Parsnip – Adding Up EP (Anti Fade)
  9. Liiek – s/t EP (ADAGIO830)
  10. Protruders – No More 7″ (Goodbye Boozy)
  11. Introduction – s/t EP (Tenth Court)
  12. Aurat – Zeher EP
  13. Greta Now – Bon Bon EP
  14. No Statues – s/t EP
  15. Triptides – Latitudes (Greenway)

Top image from Emily Jeanne’s album on Semantica.

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