In the Red have finally come through and released the long-awaited new album from Portland garage group The Lavender Flu. After last year’s experimental record – to say the least – Barbarian Dust is actually the first studio recording they’ve done. It includes a track named after their 2018 album, “Mow the Glass”, and sure, this record has a similar feel but also features some longer cuts such as the title track. Here they sound a whole lot like the Oh Sees playing the soundtrack to Candy or Easy Rider. It’s a simple but ingenious move from the Gunn brothers (one of whom previously played in the still unsurpassed Hospitals and The Hunches).

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March 9, 2020


Terrible album review. Did not even get the last name right of the band members which are brothers Chris and Luke Gunn. A little effort into what you do please.

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