Endless Bob Brown


Behind the peculiar band name hides David Griffiths, Bryn Corbett, Guy Martin and Tim Bearne from the Birmingham area. In the early 80s they recorded a bunch of studio demos and almost got a record deal and a support slot for a UK tour by New Zealand pop group The Chills. Noting came of it though and one of them moved on to the equally failed Exeter group The Visitors. About ten years ago their music turned up on a number of blogs and everyone fell in love with their very Orange Juice-sounding pop songs. Fast forward to 2016 and German reissue label Firestation put our their collected works. Unfortunately they chose to put it out only CD, so you’ll have to go to bandcamp to check it out. “Never Again” is one of my favourite songs ever, and with lyrics like “ok, I might not love you forever, time is cruel because it seems time loves me never” you can’t really go wrong.

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