Intelligence again

Un-Psychedelic in Peavey City, yes, that’s a title only Lars Finberg would’ve thought of. We’re lucky, because it’s the title of a completely new Intelligence LP, following last year’s Live in San Francisco live album. The first track they’ve shared is “L’appel du vide”, and it sounds as great as any other Intelligence tune. That’s the thing with this group, I simply love everything they have ever released. They’ll probably never top that World’s Lousy With Ideas version of “The Beetles” for me, but you never know. This is the opening track of the album, which is out on Vapid Moonlighting (Finberg’s new label, in case you didn’t guess from the peculiar name) at the end of next month. The other 8 tracks are considerably longer, suggesting a bit more experimentation. After his brilliant solo record and the LP with Finberg’s side project Puberty, I’m really looking forward to what this lineup of The Intelligence will get up to. No good, surely.

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