Death Valley Girls new LP

And so Death Valley Girls return with a slightly different line-up on their third album. Darkness Rains is not, like you would think, inspired by JAMC. Rather, it’s a more concentrated effort than the previous record. Glow In the Dark was our top-rated album of the year it came out, and although Darkness Rains does not reach the same rollicking heights, it sounds like a more accomplished record in many ways. It aims for a denser, more Funhouse-sounding production and it’s only fitting that Iggy Pop is in the video for the first single.

Be sure to check out the most recent video too, for the second track off the LP, “(One Less Thing) Before I Die”. My favourites appear towards the end of the b-side: the menacing “Occupation: Ghost Writer” and the brilliant groove of “T.V. In Jail On Mars”, which sounds like The Cosmonauts at their best. The record is out now via Suicide Squeeze.

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