Parsnip is the coolest band in the world right now. They have an EP out on Anti Fade next week, and just like the label they are based in Melbourne. Soon, they will be bigger than Ausmuteants.

The members of Parsnip have been gigging intensely and they have a long history of playing in various male-fronted bands. Paris Richens played in the mighty Hierophants and Carolyn Hawkins plays in Chook Race, and is also an excellent illustration artist who has helped shape the Anti Fade aesthetic. Stella Rennex played in The Dolly Rocker Movement and last but least Rebecca Liston is part of the new dark wave duo Buzz Kull. Talented musicians the bunch.

If you want to see/hear more, here’s an interview worth reading and some video footage as well.

Photo by Jake Ollett. Artwork by Carolyn Hawkins.

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