Thee Tsunamis & Sheer Mag

Did I tell you about my favourite album and single of the year yet? The album I’m talking about is the longawaited debut from the sensational Thee Tsunamis, on the Magnetic Sound label. It’s called Saturday Night Sweetheart, and the 12 tracks it unleashed upon the public back in May are solid hits all the way through. Check out the video for “Trash Talk – these punks mean business. Equal parts surf, punk and garage, this is a winner you should pick up right now.


The other group that has been keeping my turntables, and many other’s, busy this summer is the second 45 from the sensational Sheer Mag. Cool enough to stay of Facebook, they’re records are selling out and Europe can’t wait for them to arrive in November. EP II, is shock-full of no-frills punk/rock and if possible even better than the first. Here’s the video for the overdriven opening track “Fan the Flames”, and it doesn’t stop there. Wilsuns RC/Katorga Works released this beast in April, into it’s 2nd pressing already.

Keep your eyes open for the next Record Turnover podcast, which will be a round-up of more favourites from 2015 so far.

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