The Higher State x 2


State Records have started a new 45 series called Sandgate Sound Acetates, the first being the debut from The Baron Four called “Yes I Do”. The Baron Four take off where Thee Vicars stopped after a tragic death. Don’t miss them live with The Higher State and Italian legends Head & the Hares in London next month.

Label owners The Higher State drop their own contribution to the series with the unwieldily titled “Potentially (Everyone Is Your Enemy)”. The a-side mixes viscous fuzz with a jangly chorus, both sounds that the group is well versed in by now – making it seem like they can churn out new high-standard material at the drop of a hat. “All Ties That Bind” on the flip is a short but sweet affair. And it should be added that the releases in this series are all in mono, with a sleeve/label combination that will have you reminiscing over Hangman’s Daughter 45s in no time.

But The Higher State are also looking ahead, with an upcoming US release, once again on 13 O’Clock. “I Just Pretend” is out in October and features a classic CBS design with a push-out centre. Hear edits from both releases below.

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