The Masters Apprentices | Undecided 7″


I recently got some great 60s garage reissues, including the Skeptics LP I wrote about earlier. The Modds’ “Leave My House” also came out last year, on Portuguese label Groovie. It’s been remastered from the original tapes, and the infamously lo-fi top side (barely audible rhythm section and insanely loud guitar) now sounds very fat and surprisingly heavy for a ’66 recording.

Another recent one is the new issue of Masters Apprentices all-time classic “Undecided”, paired with (the in my opinion even better) “War Or Hands of Time”. It’s on a label called Ugly Pop, which could have been a spin on the Australian garage comps Ugly Things, but it’s actually a Canadian punk label. All the while they’ve put out several 60s reissues including local legends A Passing Fancy. But here they are committing two sides of the best and loudest Australian beat to vinyl. In fact, I’ve just discovered there’s also a reissue of The In-Sect’s brilliant “I Can See My Love”. Will have to get that one too. The centre label on the “Undecided” disc is an imitation of the original Astor design, fun.

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