Hierophants | Bow Down to…

Out of the releases on the previously mentioned label Anti Fade, based in Geelong outside Melbourne, this 45 from Hierophants is the most impressive. They share members with Frowning Clouds, whose new single “Propellers” is out on the same label. But this ep is almost monstrous in comparison, with its hollowed.out groove, and with a clever title like “Wray Gunn” may we suspect a bit more of a surf influence? Like early Charlie & the Moonhearts, Hierophants do something unique with that influence. “The Untimely End of the One You Love” starts things off with a lilt and a spacious 12-string guitar line. It’s a muddy but strident sound, that picks up during the handclap-speckled instrumental and the tribal chant that kicks off the flip. Everything comes back in full swing on the majestic closing track “Death and Burial of the Hierophants”. This song takes the riff from The Wailers’ “Hang Up”, slows it down to a menacing grind and put some shouts over the top. Ingenious, almost on par with Black Time. Hierophants also have a split cassette with Cobwebbs, which is sold out, but you you’ll find the tracks on Anti Fade’s youtube channel. Look out for a new 45 from the other Frowning Clouds side project Bonniwells soon as well!

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