Chain & the Gang | The Bag I’m In

Chain & the Gang go all-out garage rock on this brilliant cover of The Fabs, who cut the famous two-sider “Dinah Wants Religion” b/w “That’s the Bag I’m In”.

If Svenonious and gang’s In Cold Blood is one of the year’s most consistently great albums, then the tape that “The Bag I’m In” is on is one of its best compilations. Not much have lived up to the standard of the Yeti comps or the World’s Lousy With Ideas series, except maybe last year’s Nerves tribute LP. But the Summer of Fuzz cassette put together by Fuzz City and the Acid Kat zine is a very real contender. Apart from Chain & the Gang, it also features current garage rock luminaries White Mystery, Burnt Ones and Adam Widener. Widener (previously of Bare Wires) has released two great 45s, the latest of which is on Fuzz City with one of those tracks featured one the tape. Not surprisingly Matthew Melton (Bare Wires main man) runs the Fuzz City label.

But even among the lesser names on the tape you’ll be sure to find new favourites. In particular I’m thinking of Wax Witches (offering all their songs for free on facebook!), Sauna, Nightmare Boyzzz and Cocktails. Looking forward to digging deeper and checking them all out. The tape is available for the measly sum of $5 from Fuzz City, where you can also pick up the brand new Burnt Ones 45.

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