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The new podcast went up last night on mixcloud, follow Record Turnover there to get automatic updates. It features the new Frowning Clouds single, The Bonniwells and Straight Arrows (all three featured here recently), as well as a return single from the great Hollows (released by small, Livingstone-based mailorder Softpower Vinyl), The Spits (their 5th album is out NOW), Bare Wires (new album on Southpaw!), new Audacity, Outer Minds of course, and the German garage group Curlee Wurlee! that I’ve ignored for too long. If you liked Les Terribles, The Bristols and Cecilia et Ses Ennuis you’ll love their (now) three albums.

Apart from the all the great new tunes, there’s a fair share of garage revival groups from the 90s (like Greek legends The Cardinals and The Meanie Geanies) and 80s (Cheepskates, The Things, The What…For! and a real obscurity from The Crickle only available on the Garage Sale cassette comp). Since I’ve bothered to jot down the tracklisting I’ve posted it below anyway. I’m actually working on a download compilation similar to Children of Nuggets, with more recent bands or simply ones I just like better.

The Mystery Machine – She’s Not Mine (Voxx)
The Frowning Clouds – All Night Long (Saturno)
Bare Wires – Sweet Little Stranger (Southpaw)
The Spits – All I Want (In the Red)
Hollows – Hot Sand (Softpower)
The Meanie Geanies – You Left Me Blue (Action)
The Basements – Shame On You (Lost In Tyme)
The Kartoons – Raindrops to Teardrops (For Monsters)
Cheepskates – Why Is Love (Midnight)
The Crickle – Place In My Heart (Goldmine)
The E-Types – Right Combination (Music Maniac)
The Numbers – Here Comes My Baby (Voxx)
Mystic Eyes – Judy (Get Hip)
The Kliek – I Never Told You (Grabo)
The No-Goods – Cryin’ For Love (High School Reject)
The Bonniwells – Hey (Z-Man)
Audacity – Indian Chief (Goodbye Boozy)
Straight Arrows – Mind Control (Rice Is Nice)
Curlee Wurlee! – En Attendant La Fin Du Monde (Moody Monkey)
Outer Minds – Gimme a Reason (Push My Buttons)
The Things – It’s Over (Voxx)
Head & the Hares – I’ve Been Told (Moulty)
The What…For! – I Want It All (Twang!)
The Cardinals – You Aren’t My Love (Action)

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