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Any fan of sunshine pop (or softrock like the Japanese and Swedes call it) will be aware of Curt Boettcher’s incredible legacy. His main claim to fame was being the principal songwriter and producer in groundbreaking 60s group The Millenium, but before that he’d cut his teeth in folk group The Goldebriars and pre-Millenium outfit The Ballroom. In fact, if you’ve looked around on the internet, you might have come across the Complete Curt Boettcher Singles compilation, put together by some kind soul. Because aside of producing his own music, he was very prolific as a producer of other people’s records, as well as working with the legendary Gary Usher on his Sagittarius project.

So for the next club night I decided to pay the man a tribute, by playing the bands he’s been involved with or produced as well as the other Millenium members’ projects. Naturally, I had to invite Frederik Krantz of The Friday Casual to play some of his softrock favourites alongside of me. Here’s my favourite Boettcher production below, and perhaps one of the greatest songs of all time.

[chromeless id=LJcTUV-40Y4 width=640 height=390 autoplay=no ytcontrols=no]

And warm up with this Spotify playlist, that Frederik will hopefully contribute to as well:

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