Here to party

If you’re anything like me, this photo of the insert to German Measles’ new album will tell you everything you need to know about the band. A German Joke Is No Laughing Matter includes new versions of “Color Vibration” (released as a single last year) and “Mosco Street” plus “It’s Me, Babe” from their demo tape. Like “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear Plaid” on their previous 12″, which was a Standells reference, “It’s Me, Babe” sounds like a reply song to The Turtles. They’ve even managed to work some slow songs into the flow of this LP, and “Earth Bound” and “Average” could well be your new anthems. As usual it’s singer Nick Curtin’s presence that makes this record, underpinned by Alex Curtin’s solid guitar playing (any fan of caUSE co-MOTION! will be familiar with his skills). But of course, they’re all Good Guys.

And you haven’t forgotten to pick up the Puddin’ Pops album right? Billed here as Bill Cosby & His White Puddin’ Pops, they really deliver the goods in the form of Party Platter of the Year, which is The Passion of the Pops rightly earned title. Excruciatingly lo-fi, mind-numbingly dumb, but krazy good! Seriously, this record is full of hits and nothing else.

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