Lana Loveland

More news from Portugal’s Groovie Records! Crimson Shadows are getting a reissue, to accompany their brand new 10″ coming out this year. And Groovie, who are probably most well-known as the home of Brazil’s own Music Machine, Os Haxixins, are putting out another Sean Bonniwell-influenced group. Loveland, is Lana Loveland’s (The Fuzztones, Bonniwell Music Machine) new band, where she is the main songwriter and vocalist. The debut album Order to Love was released a few weeks ago, following the Black Glove 7″ from last year. That song was written as a tribute to The Music Machine, who were known to wear black gloves on one hand, and is included on the album too. Also check out her other band Lana Satana & Her Organs In Orbit in a more lounge/exotica style, but who haven’t released anything yet.

Loveland – Black Glove

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