Tension builds as we wonder if La Sera can live up to the expectations on their self-titled album, out in a month. New single “Devils Hearts Grow Old” suggests it will, and although I don’t really like the cover art for the album (above) it sure is a lot better than the single! Have a look, and download the a-side, at Hardly Art HQ. Whether “Dedicated to the One I Love” on the flip is a Shirelles cover, we will find out on Tuesday when the single is released.

A few days prior to the album release, La Sera will be doing their first gig in Sweden, and their only date here on their short tour. At first they weren’t going to play here at all but after an email to Debaser in Malmö they soon turned up as Azure Ray’s support act on Feb 10.  I had planned another RECORD TURNOVER event soon, but instead my next dj set will be at this gig. Safe to say, you can expect my selections to fit better with La Sera’s set than Azure Ray. Or judge for yourselves, here’s my playlist of Spotify’s best of last year.

I Heard You In 2010...

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