La Sera Never Come Around (Hardly Art 7″)
Veronica Falls Found Love In a Graveyard (Captured Tracks 7″)
German Measles Color Vibration (Wild World 7″)
The Limiñanas I’m Dead (HoZac 7″)
The Babies Meet Me In the City (Make a Mess 7″)
Cults Go Outside (Forest Family 7″)
The Cave Weddings Last Time (Bachelor 7″)
The Mantles Pink Information (Mexican Summer 12″)
Spectrals An Extended Play With… (Moshi Moshi ep)
Hanoi Janes Specks Ho! (Captured Tracks 12″)

Some that almost made the cut: French Kissing Oh Suzanne (Sleep All Day 7″), Outer Minds Bloodshot Eyes (HoZac 7″), Los Ginkas Ongi Ibili Pop-abily (self-released EP), Black Time More Songs About Motorcycles & Death (Wrench 12″), Beach Fossils Face It (Captured Tracks 7″), Girls Names/Brilliant Colors split (Tough Love/Slumberland 7″), Comet Gain/Hello Cuca split (Doble Vida 7″), Dávila 666 12″ EP (Rob’s House 12″), The Tartans West of La Brea (YAY! 7″), The Flips I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand (HoZac 7″)

Other obsessions of 2010: The Mystreated, The Resonars, Audacity, The Gaye Blades, Janie Grant, The Rantouls, Makin’ Time, The Wylde Mammoths, The Roosters, Les Terribles, Charlotte & Emily, The Girls At Dawn, The Intelligence, Le Face, The Test Patterns, Fergus & Geronimo, Coconut Coolouts, The Gremlins, Army Navy, Christmas, Sea Lions, The Coastliners, Sandy Coast, Honeyrider, Dead Famous People. If you want hear some of these and more favourite tracks of the year that aren’t otherwise represented, I’ve put together a CD-length mix. All you have to do to get the download link is to post or comment on the Facebook  page, which has just been assigned the unique URL

Public service reissues: Black Tambourine  and Chin Chin (Slumberland), Dolly Mixture Everything and More 3CD box set, Les Filles Du Crépuscule compilation (LTM), Razorcuts, Blueboy, The Brilliant Corners and Hurrah! (Cherry Red), Voice of the Puppets (Sing Sing), Happydeadmen (Fraction), Orange Juice Coals to Newcastle 6CD box set (Domino).


Gee don’t like that i have to reg on fb to get the dl link, but I guess I can’t have everything my way :[

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