Bélver Yin

Here’s a recent reissue that really deserves mention, despite it coming out over half a year ago. Digging through Melbourne label Efficient Space’s archives I completely fell in love with Bélver Yin’s Felt-inspired instrumental guitar music. Luz Bel is truly one of those forgotten masterpieces – originally released in 1991 on Noisex. The duo formed in Salamanca in Western Spain in the late 80s and recorded Luz Bel in Valencia without a drummer. The drum machine probably lead people to think of Cocteau Twins, but the band doesn’t have much in common with their contemporaries in the British shoegaze scene. Instead, they seem like the natural predecessor to a band like Hacia dos Veranos, who debuted just as Bélver Yin released their third and last record in 2005. That one was a self-released cd that you can hear in full on youtube.

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